Apple rumours

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08 Oct, 2012

And that's despite the fact that 4G is cheaper to run for phone companies than existing 3G

Apple Inc
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13 Jul, 2012

Opportunistic sellers in China are already taking pre-orders for the new Apple smartphone

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09 May, 2012

Days of one-user-only tablet may be numbered as Apple prepares to unveil iOS 6

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03 May, 2012

Material unlikely to feature in iPhone 5, but will soon replace glass and plastic

Apple iPad
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19 Mar, 2012

Rumours abound as CEO Tim Cook announces that Apple has 'more than we need to run the company'

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20 Feb, 2012

More legal drama as Proview wins court ruling and shows off original 'iPAD'

Apple iPad
14 Feb, 2012

Announcement expected in early March, but Chinese company moves to ban iPad sales

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09 Feb, 2012

Leaked shots of the new device's shell prompt debate about its specifications

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22 Nov, 2011

New versions of the Kindle Fire and iPad could launch at the same time