Archbishop of Canterbury

19 Apr, 2014

Justin Welby suggests accepting gay marriage would mean the Church would be unable to help other victims of oppression

29 Aug, 2013

Justin Welby tells Christians to 'repent' over the way gay and lesbian people have been treated

16 Aug, 2013

Church seeks rights just days after clergy condemn fracking as risk to 'God's creation'

Rowan Williams
15 Aug, 2013

Being made fun of is not the same as systematic brutality, says former Archbishop of Canterbury

02 Aug, 2013

Is 0.6% growth good enough for George Osborne? Is 5,853% a fair APR in the payday loans business?

26 Jul, 2013

The C of E's discovery that it invested in Wonga throws spotlight on complexities of ethical investing

26 Jul, 2013

Archbishop vows to change church's investment rules after its £75,000 stake in payday lender exposed

25 Jul, 2013

Justin Welby tells loans chief the church will put an end to payday lenders through its credit union