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29 Feb, 2012

Rock star wades into Falklands controversy as Buenos Aires calls for ban on UK imports

Sean Penn
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24 Feb, 2012

Actor pans UK for its support of Chilean dictator and 'intimidating' Prince William deployment

Falkland islands
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23 Feb, 2012

Group come under fire for saying the islanders have the right to self-determination

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09 Feb, 2012

Outrage as Penguin News gives picture of Cristina Kirchner an offensive filename

Cristina Kirchner de Fernandez
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08 Feb, 2012

HMS Dauntless and Prince William pose a 'grave danger' - but Kirchner rules out military action

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31 Jan, 2012

But former Navy boss says the destroyer will be ready if the Argentines try 'any foolish nonsense'

27 Jan, 2012

The Chinese are grown-up enough to run our former colony properly. The Spanish and Argentines are not