Argentine President Cristina Kirchner
02 Mar, 2012

Kirchner calls for direct flights to Argentina as Roger Waters attacks David Cameron's 'bullshit'

29 Feb, 2012

Rock star wades into Falklands controversy as Buenos Aires calls for ban on UK imports

Sean Penn
24 Feb, 2012

Actor pans UK for its support of Chilean dictator and 'intimidating' Prince William deployment

Falkland islands
23 Feb, 2012

Group come under fire for saying the islanders have the right to self-determination

09 Feb, 2012

Outrage as Penguin News gives picture of Cristina Kirchner an offensive filename

Cristina Kirchner de Fernandez
08 Feb, 2012

HMS Dauntless and Prince William pose a 'grave danger' - but Kirchner rules out military action

31 Jan, 2012

But former Navy boss says the destroyer will be ready if the Argentines try 'any foolish nonsense'

27 Jan, 2012

The Chinese are grown-up enough to run our former colony properly. The Spanish and Argentines are not