Cristina Kirchner president of Argentina
17 Jun, 2011

New tussle over Falkland Islands looms as Christina Kirchner attacks ‘crude colonial’ Britain

Diego Maradona
28 Jul, 2010

Diego sacked as national coach after calling the bluff of the football authorities

Argentina Maradona
05 Jul, 2010

Dunga has already been shown the door and Maradona could be on his way as well

World Cup whispers fever
02 Jul, 2010

World Cup: Footballing foes unite to mock sorry England, but Lionel Messi vows to win for Oasis

Diego Maradona
28 Jun, 2010

Annie Kelly in Buenos Aires reports on how Argentina has fallen in love with Maradona all over again

17 Jun, 2010

Higuain hits a hat-trick as Maradona's boys show the rest of the world how it's done

Kathryn Bigelow
14 May, 2010

Hurt Locker director’s next film ‘Triple Frontier’ will ruin image say Argentina and Paraguay

Stanley in the Falkland Islands
10 May, 2010

Argentina lashes out at Britain’s ‘illegal actions’ as large oil deposit discovered in Falkland Islands

Stanley in the Falkland Islands
30 Mar, 2010

First exploratory drilling finds only ‘thin intervals’ of oil off disputed Falkland Islands

Stanley in the Falkland Islands
11 Mar, 2010

Are the Falklands really the Dubai of the South Atlantic and does Argentina have a fair claim?