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01 Jul, 2015

Growth of discounters could continue for years, says study, as Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's lose market share

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08 Jan, 2014

Supermarkets report record sales for the Christmas period, with winners at both ends of the market

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17 Sep, 2013

Launch of own-brand device, complete with digital shopping app, expected on Monday

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25 Jun, 2013

Drivers welcome supermarket chains' decision to cut unleaded petrol and diesel prices

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17 May, 2013

Grocer to make first foray into online world - but how will Waitrose react to Ocado's deal with its rival?

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07 May, 2013

US retail giant and Asda owner reclaims its place at the top of Forbes magazine's Fortune 500

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23 Apr, 2013

'Click-and-collect has gone from nowhere to somewhere very quickly', says Asda chief

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14 Mar, 2013

Supermarket giant follows Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda onto the web after first profit drop in six years

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13 Mar, 2013

Supermarket brand 'held talks with Deloitte about bid to buy brand and business'