Ashley Cole

Ashley Young and Ashley Cole
26 Jun, 2012

England players come under fire on the social media site after penalty misses

Wayne Rooney
25 Jun, 2012

Striker shows he has 'feet of clay' as he fails to deliver on the big stage yet again

Ashley Young and Ashley Cole
25 Jun, 2012

Two more footballers enter England's hall of infamy: how missing from the spot became a national sport

England Euro 2012 - Italy defeat
25 Jun, 2012

Ashley Cole and Ashley Young miss their shots after England fail to display international class

England team Euros 2012 Ukraine
22 Jun, 2012

The progress of Roy Hodgson's men at Euro 2012 has restored reputations, but can it last?

24 Apr, 2012

As Chelsea boss declares faith in players, Guardiola loses his cool after two straight defeats

Didier Drogba; Chelsea
19 Apr, 2012

It will go down as one of our best nights, says Terry after dogged defence keeps Messi and co at bay

Papiss Cisse
03 May, 2012

Newcastle victory means Chelsea will probably have to win Champions League this month to qualify for next year

Wojciech Szczesny
16 Apr, 2012

As players proclaim loyalty to their clubs, Anelka tries to lure Didier Drogba to China

Frank Lampard
05 Apr, 2012

On current form, Chelsea won't make the final - and Mourinho hints there are more sinister reasons