Why some Christians pray for Assad to keep power in Syria

Wed 27 Nov, AT 09:14
Venetia Rainey

Ahead of Geneva II, a growing number of Lebanese Christians see Syria's leader as their best defence

Celebrity Syrian-style: videos encourage narcissistic glory

Mon 18 Nov, AT 09:29
Coline Covington

A war video too far: rebels ask for forgiveness after mistakenly beheading of one of their own

Robert Fox

What Obama risks if Congress gives backing for Syria attack

Mon 2 Sep, AT 09:01
Robert Fox

More and more voices are agreed: the ‘narrow, limited operation' proposed by Obama simply won't work

Syria latest: Obama set to attack despite falling support

First Reaction
Fri 30 Aug, AT 09:18

Blocked at the UN by Russia and stripped of British backing, US President still ready to launch assault


The Syrian Electronic Army: Amateurs or Assad PR arm?

Thu 29 Aug, AT 09:48

A group of hackers supporting the Syrian government is targeting the western media

Syria crisis: PM accused of climbdown as intervention vote shelved

One-Minute Read
Thu 29 Aug, AT 08:29

Opposition from Labour and his own MPs forces PM to delay vote on action until UN inspectors report back

Syria: should MPs support UK military intervention?

Talking Point
Wed 28 Aug, AT 09:49

Editorials warn David Cameron to tread carefully ten years after Parliament voted for Iraq war

Syria: Is Western military intervention inevitable?

Tue 27 Aug, AT 11:35

US and UK warships said to be on their way to Syria following alleged chemical attacks by Assad regime

Crispin Black

Syria: PM's push for action ignores will of most Britons

Tue 27 Aug, AT 11:24
Crispin Black

Cameron and Hague are 'itching to have crack at Assad' but intervention will be 'dangerous'