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Assad regime

Syrian tailor: How I survived Assad regime firing squad

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Tue 8 Jan, AT 09:58

As shooting started, Mohammed Ali fainted. He awoke to find himself surrounded by dead bodies

Turkey set to deploy Patriot missiles on Syrian border

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Tue 4 Dec, AT 16:01

Turkish request to Nato comes as fears grow of Assad using chemical weapons

Robert Fox

Hold on, Dave: arming Syria's rebels could make things worse

Fri 9 Nov, AT 12:25
Robert Fox

Remember Afghanistan – 30 years after the US armed the Mujahideen, we're still fighting Taliban

Britain takes step towards arming Syrian rebels

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Thu 8 Nov, AT 10:51

Cameron wants to push the limits of EU embargo and persuade Obama to raise the heat on Assad

Mi-24 helicopter - Russia

UK insurer strands Russian 'helicopter' shipment to Syria

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Tue 19 Jun, AT 10:11

Insurer withdraws cover from cargo ship allegedly taking helicopters to Assad

As Arabs snub Syria, only Russia pledges support

Mon 14 Nov, AT 16:50

King of Jordan becomes first Arab leader to call for Assad to stand down as former allies desert Damascus regime