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Giant asteroid 2004 BL86 to buzz Earth in celestial 'near miss'

Mon 26 Jan, AT 14:43

Don't panic: the asteroid will miss us by a comfortable 745,000 miles – but nothing will get closer until 2027

A tyrannosaurs rex skeleton

Dinosaurs were killed off by a piece of 'colossal bad luck'

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Mon 28 Jul, AT 12:44

Prehistoric giants would probably have survived giant asteroid strike if it had been at different time


Giant asteroid set to give Earth a 'record-setting close shave'

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Mon 4 Feb, AT 14:17

Asteroid weighing 130,000 tonnes to pass planet on 15 February close enough to strike a satellite


Nasa explodes asteroid fears after collision prediction

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Thu 1 Mar, AT 14:38

Concerns that space rock 2011 AG5 will cause death and destruction in 2040 are dismissed

Aircraft carrier-sized asteroid will just miss Earth tonight

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Tue 8 Nov, AT 14:48

Asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass between the Earth and the Moon – but Nasa insists it is not a threat