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Gay Rights

EU court bans 'gay tests' for asylum seekers

One-Minute Read
Tue 2 Dec, AT 15:14

Refugees will longer be subjected to 'shockingly degrading tests' and questions in order to prove their sexuality

Eye of the Needle

Eye of a Needle – 'scorching' new satire about asylum

Hot Ticket
Wed 3 Sep, AT 07:36

Chris MacDonald's 'explosive' debut about gay asylum seekers balances hilarity with tragedy

Afghan atheist granted asylum in Britain on religious grounds

One-Minute Read
Tue 14 Jan, AT 09:41

Lawyers argued man would face persecution for renouncing his faith if he returned to his homeland

Afghanistan needs interpreters to be brave and stay at home

Wed 10 Apr, AT 12:19
Crispin Black

It is not Britain's 'moral obligation' to give the Army's Afghan war interpreters automatic asylum here

Fugitive John McAfee surfaces in Guatemala to claim asylum

One-Minute Read
Wed 5 Dec, AT 09:03

Internet security pioneer breaks cover after month on the run following Belize killing

Mahinda Rajapakse

Sri Lankan president's speech cancelled amid torture claims

First Post
Wed 6 Jun, AT 11:33

Protests halt Rajapakse's address in City of London as Tamils deported from UK claim abuses