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Austerity measures

Fresh Eurozone fears over Portugal's 'unsustainable' debt

One-Minute Read
Thu 4 Jul, AT 12:41

Interest rates soar as governing coalition descends into chaos in row over EU austerity measures

Flights grounded as millions join EU austerity protests

One-Minute Read
Wed 14 Nov, AT 10:20

First arrests in Madrid as Spanish and Portuguese lead day of action against cuts and tax hikes


Tax avoiders like Jimmy Carr should be publicly shamed

Opinion digest
Wed 20 Jun, AT 11:57

Opinion digest: celebrity tax avoidance, the end of wind farms and the intractable eurozone crisis


UK caught in downward spiral as unemployment rises

Talking Point
Wed 18 Jan, AT 15:23

Cameron could become third Tory PM in 30 years to preside over a nation of three million unemployed

'Something must be done': Nick Clegg breaks coalition lines

Mon 31 Oct, AT 10:35
The Mole

But Clegg's £1bn local jobs plan does not appear to involve any 'new money'

Police gun advert brings ‘scaremongering’ attack

Mon 4 Apr, AT 17:04

Policy Exchange accuses Police Federation of playing on public fears with sinister anti-cuts campaign