Clegg recycles job scheme as youth unemployment gets toxic

Talking Point Fri 25 Nov, AT 13:14

This scheme is the Future Jobs Fund resurrected: scrapping minimum wage is a better solution

Paxman calls baby boomers 'most selfish generation'

One-Minute Read Mon 31 Oct, AT 14:55

Broadcaster lashes out as study claims young will be 25 per cent worse off than their parents

George Osborne announces emergency budget

UK budget cuts have ‘averted a debt crisis’

News Thu 10 Mar, AT 10:07

Business digest: UK austerity plans have restored market confidence, says debt head

Policeman shouts at student in Bristol

Police rudeness could lose them popular support

News Wed 9 Mar, AT 12:20

Record complaints against police reduce public sympathy over pay and number cuts