A woman protests Australian immigration policy

Australia 'told refugees to find own way back to India'

One-Minute Read Mon 4 Aug, AT 16:12

Refugees were told they would be put in lifeboats with a map of India and Sri Lanka

Tiger shark

50 sharks killed in controversial Australian cull

One-Minute Read Wed 7 May, AT 10:21

None of the sharks killed were great whites – the species responsible for recent attacks

Australian mulga snake

Venomous snake 'bites people while they sleep'

One-Minute Read Wed 30 Apr, AT 15:43

Researchers are puzzled by the aggressive – and unusual – behaviour of Australian mulga snake

Flight MH370

Flight MH370: the five best accounts to follow on Twitter

One-Minute Read Fri 25 Apr, AT 14:36

Where to look for the best news and analysis on missing Malaysia Airways flight MH370

Prince George of Cambridge visits Australia for the first time

Has Prince George killed off republicanism down under?

Talking Point Wed 16 Apr, AT 15:26

Republican sentiment hits a 35-year low as the royal tour touches down in Sydney

Malaysia plane crash

MH370: Missing plane 'deliberately flown towards Antarctica'

One-Minute Read Wed 25 Feb, AT 11:24

National Geographic documentary suggests MH370 was flown off course on purpose by someone in cockpit

Snake devours crocodile

Snake eats crocodile face-first in 'amazing' lake battle

One-Minute Read Mon 3 Mar, AT 10:55

'It's not something you see every day' say locals at Lake Moondarra after 10ft snake gobbles up croc

Manus detention centre

Immigration riot: is Australia's asylum seeker policy illegal?

Briefing Tue 18 Feb, AT 11:23

Conditions in the Manus Island camp have been declared 'inhumane' by the UN

Is Australia the world's worst environmental offender?

Talking Point Fri 7 Feb, AT 09:20

Its PM plans to axe green laws, but is Australia really worse than China or America?