Australia axe batsman David Warner after Joe Root bar fight

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Wed 12 Jun, AT 11:19

Cricketer dropped after allegations of attack on England star in Birmingham pub

As Lions win 64–0, do these walkovers serve any purpose?

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Tue 11 Jun, AT 13:55

Why can't Australia put up a decent opposition in these pre-Test games? There's a reason...

Rampant Lions crush Western Force, but fears for Cian Healy

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Wed 5 Jun, AT 15:38

Sexton and Halfpenny light up powerful display as tourists announce themselves in Australia

David Attenborough

David Attenborough cancels Oz tour to have pacemaker fitted

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Tue 4 Jun, AT 14:51

Broadcaster goes in for operation as his badger-cull rap number with Brian May and Slash is released

Australia has no culture, says David Gower ahead of Ashes

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Tue 4 Jun, AT 12:46

Former England captain says Aussie players have 'animal mentality' and fans are 'feral'

Does Australian happiness have a downside? For me, it did

Tue 28 May, AT 13:14
Richard Jinman

Great food, great weather, Great Southern Land. But do you pay a price for living in The Lucky Country?

Australia's PM Julia Gillard survives day of 'high farce'

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Thu 21 Mar, AT 10:32

Prime minister finally faces leadership challenge, but challenger Kevin Rudd promptly backs down

Human statue punches pesky tourist in Australia - video

Mon 18 Mar, AT 15:53

Man left with bloody mouth after violent encounter with performer on Gold Coast

Export ban stops Capt Cook's kangaroo skipping the UK

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Wed 6 Feb, AT 11:30

Australians hopping mad after UK govt delays foreign sale of George Stubbs' kangaroo painting

Australia ablaze: bushfires hit Victoria and New South Wales

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Tue 8 Jan, AT 09:54

PM Gillard blames global warming for extreme heat which is plunging nation into danger