Stephanie Rice

Olympic swimmer in 'racy' bikini sparks row on Twitter

One-Minute Read Fri 29 Jun, AT 11:52

Australian swimming champion Stephanie Rice arrives in London after skimpy swimwear storm

Clive James

Clive James: 'I am getting near the end'

One-Minute Read Thu 21 Jun, AT 14:55

Broadcaster says he is losing his fight against illness and won’t see Australia again

Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton

Dingo took baby Azaria, says Australian coroner

One-Minute Read Tue 12 Jun, AT 08:41

Thirty-year mystery comes to an end with Australian court ruling on death of Azaria Chamberlain


WHO: 'untreatable' new gonorrhea 'superbug' is in Britain

One-Minute Read Fri 8 Jun, AT 14:00

Disease is now a global health threat with reported cases in Europe, Japan and Australia

Black Caviar

Racehorse Black Caviar dons lycra suit for journey to Ascot

One-Minute Read Wed 6 Jun, AT 10:13

Australian mare wears special compression suit for 30-hour journey to England

Queen Elizabeth II during the Jubilee tour

Diamond Jubilee: 60 years since what exactly?

First Post Sun 3 Jun, AT 05:45

It's not the 60th anniversary of Elizabeth's accession nor her coronation. So what are we celebrating?

Anna Harrison, netball 'chair lift' lineout move

Breakthrough for netball as New Zealand team deploy rugby tactic

Video Tue 22 May, AT 15:10

Kiwi defender Anna Harrison unveils radical new lifting move to thwart Aussies


Australia calls for cannabis to be taken off Wada banned list

One-Minute Read Thu 3 May, AT 11:20

Sports bodies say that drug is not performance enhancing and should not be treated as such