Autumn statement

Don Brind
10 Dec, 2013

Polls show Autumn Statement was no game-changer, while Ukip claims it's taking charge in key marginals

06 Dec, 2013

George Osborne declares that economic plan is working - but political observers are not so sure

04 Dec, 2013

Royal Mint won't be sold, says Danny Alexander, but Channel 4 and Met Office could be privatised

George Osborne Autumn Statement speech
05 Dec, 2013

HMRC to rake in £9bn from tax evaders, while school leavers won't be able to go on the dole

Don Brind
02 Dec, 2013

Polling shows that being told the economy is improving is not enough - voters need to feel it

20 Feb, 2013

Chancellor was expecting a billion more to help fund growth when he gave his Autumn Statement

07 Dec, 2012

'It could have been better handled,' BBC executive admits – but Davis is off the hook for tough interview

06 Dec, 2012

Ratings agency Fitch suggests Britain could lose its triple-A rating

06 Dec, 2012

Weak excuse, say his critics - and with the Tories squeezing benefits, Balls need to get his act together

06 Dec, 2012

Chancellor's 'mini-budget' puts squeeze on welfare benefits and raids higher earners' pensions