19 Feb, 2013

Mons Hall commemorates an epic WWI battle: renaming it after Bahrain's despotic ruler is wrong

04 Sep, 2012

Thirteen activists, including eight who received life sentences, are offered no reprieve by regime

12 Apr, 2012

And where is the suave John Yates now? Acting as police adviser to the Bahrain government

25 Apr, 2012

Opinion Digest: Prime Minister's lack of purpose, Grand Prix politics and angry Europeans

Independent front cover on Bahrain
15 Jun, 2011

Bahrain accuses paper of libel after Robert Fisk questions Khalifa family outrages - but will it come to court?

Bahrain Grand Prix
10 Jun, 2011

Nobody emerges from the Bahrain fiasco with any credit - except possibly Mark Webber

Bahrain Grand Prix
07 Jun, 2011

Mark Webber leads opposition to the controversial Grand Prix despite FIA decision to reschedule

Barack Obama
26 May, 2011

US turns a blind eye to the savagery in Bahrain and in America’s own jails