Bank of Canada

Mervyn King, Bank of England

Mervyn King's goodbye gifts and gatherings cost £25,000

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Thu 15 Aug, AT 10:42

Leaving presents for departing Bank of England boss included £10,000 portrait and a £2,500 bust of Goethe

Five suggestions for Mark Carney on first day at BoE

Mon 1 Jul, AT 09:30

Can the 'rock star' Canadian overcome bank's 'stodgy' culture and revitalise the UK economy?

Mark Carney: Europe faces lost decade unless it's bold

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Wed 22 May, AT 10:11

Incoming 'rock star' Bank of England governor warns of 'a decade of stagnation' without reforms

New Bank of England chief warns UK still 'in crisis'

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Fri 19 Apr, AT 11:36

Mark Carney says US is forging ahead of Britain, Japan and eurozone

Sir Mervyn King: global financial crisis 'far from over'

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Tue 26 Mar, AT 09:54

Outgoing Bank of EnglandGovenor warns there will be 'many unexpected twists'

Shock for Paul Tucker as Mark Carney is made Bank Governor

First Reaction
Mon 26 Nov, AT 16:18

Canadian bank chief is given Mervyn King’s job, to the surprise of City watchers and bookies