Bank of England

The Bank of England's chief economist Andy Haldane

Interest rates 'as likely to fall as to rise'

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Fri 20 Mar, AT 10:00

Sterling falls 1.5 per cent after Bank of England chief economist says interest rates could go down rather than up

Unemployment figures nearing six-year low

UK unemployment down – but so is the average wage

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Wed 13 Aug, AT 14:10

Economists warn of 'paymageddon' as average wages see 'shock' fall for the first time in five years

A city worker walks past the Bank of England in central London

Bank of England will 'claw back' bankers' bonuses

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Wed 30 Jul, AT 10:11

Reckless bankers will be forced to pay back previous bonuses and could even face prison

Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England

Mark Carney steps in to cool house prices

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Thu 26 Jun, AT 14:29

Bank of England governor Mark Carney announces caps on high-risk mortgage lending

London houses

London house prices fall – but elsewhere they're rising

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Thu 12 Mar, AT 12:54

Properties in the capital are bucking the house-price trend, but likely to become 'more unaffordable' in the medium term

House prices in London

House prices: Bank of England faces a delicate balancing act

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Fri 16 May, AT 14:44

What should the BoE do to quell an incipient bubble, without harming the wider recovery?

Mark Carney’s forex headache threatens Bank's credibility

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Fri 14 Mar, AT 16:01

The Bank of England’s embroilment in the gathering forex-rigging scandal poses big risks to its reputation

Bank of England

UK inflation drops below Bank of England target

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Tue 18 Feb, AT 14:50

Bank says rate will fall further from today's 1.9 per cent figure, reaching 1.7 per cent in March


Jobless rate down - but will mortgages have to rise?

Wed 22 Jan, AT 13:55
The Mole

Better than expected unemployment figures will put pressure on Bank Governor to raise interest rates

Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney

Mark Carney: interest rates to rise sooner than expected

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Fri 13 Jun, AT 10:21

Chancellor gives Bank of England new powers to restrict mortgages as Mark Carney warns on rates