Bank of England

Bank of England

Early rate rise less likely as inflation falls to 13-month low

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Tue 12 Nov, AT 15:30

Drop in petrol and diesel costs biggest single cause of CPI inflation fall to 2.2 per cent in October

Bank of England

Bank of England pessimist now confident of UK growth

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Wed 25 Sep, AT 11:10

David Miles says Britain's economic recovery is now sustainable and defends 'forward guidance'

Bank of England

Should BoE cap national house price growth at 5% a year?

Talking Point
Fri 13 Sep, AT 12:12

RICS urge BoE to avert housing bubble but proposals likely to upset first time buyers

GDP growth boost: is Britain's economic recovery finally on?

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Fri 23 Aug, AT 14:10

Second quarter growth figure has been revised upwards by ONS - and it looks sustainable

Mervyn King, Bank of England

Mervyn King's goodbye gifts and gatherings cost £25,000

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Thu 15 Aug, AT 10:42

Leaving presents for departing Bank of England boss included £10,000 portrait and a £2,500 bust of Goethe

Factory Worker

UK factories help economy on road to recovery

Fri 2 Aug, AT 13:10

British manufacturing hits levels not seen since 2011, boosting economy

Gherkin City of London

Britain's healing economy reaches 'escape velocity'

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Wed 31 Jul, AT 11:20

Leading economists says UK's finances continue to improve and recovery is 'self-sustaining'

Twitter rape threats against MP Creasy investigated by police

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Tue 30 Jul, AT 10:42

Labour MP Stella Creasy received abusive messages after supporting bank-note campaigner Criado-Perez

Twitter rape row: should trolls be barred?

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Mon 29 Jul, AT 11:31

Zero tolerance of abusers could threaten on-line freedoms in less liberal parts of the world


Criado-Perez: whatever it takes to stamp out radical misogynists

Mon 29 Jul, AT 11:13
Nigel Horne

A Twitter boycott only makes sense if men and women join forces against trolls, says Nigel Horne