Bank of England

Bank of England
07 Aug, 2009

The Bank of England announced plans yesterday to pump a further £50bn into the economy to ward off recession

Piggy Bank
10 Jul, 2009

The Monetary Policy Committee disappointed bond investors yesterday as it signalled an end to its quantitative easing

18 Jun, 2009

In his annual Mansion House speech Mervyn King calls for greater financial regulation, in stark contrast to Alistair Darling

Bank of England
19 May, 2009

The UK’s central bank has increased its 2008 profits five-fold from the year before as a result of upping its cash lending during the economic crisis

Bank of England
08 May, 2009

The bank surprised the markets yesterday with the announcement that it is to extend its quantitative easing programme

Lord George, Bank of England Governor
28 Apr, 2009

The first independent Governor of the BoE was able to boast of presiding over ‘40 successive quarters of positive growth’

26 Mar, 2009

Two events conspire to force a change of heart – the Mervyn King warning and yesterday’s disastrous sale of Treasury gilts

25 Mar, 2009

The Governor of the Bank of England has warned Gordon Brown not to spend any more money – and the Chancellor agrees with him

11 Dec, 2008

As the Bank of England is urged to print more money to avoid deflation, the governor is once again in the spotlight for his dithering

06 Nov, 2008

The Bank of England’s whopping rate cut is an attempt to regain the initiative after missing the onset of the recession