Bank of England

Manufacturing output growth rises

News Mon 1 Nov, AT 15:48

Business Digest: Boost for UK manufacturing could prompt BoE cash stimulus rethink

Bank of England

Andrew Sentance: Private Sector will save economy

News Fri 22 Oct, AT 14:29

Business Digest: Spending cuts will not kill off economic recovery says Bank of England man

Mervyn King, Bank of England

Britain needs a Sober decade, says Mervyn King

News Wed 20 Oct, AT 12:25

Business Digest: We need a sober fiscal policy to get through the bumpy patch, says Bank governor

Bank of England

Inject another £50bn into economy, say directors

News Wed 6 Oct, AT 16:18

Business Digest: Institute of Directors urges Bank of England to start quantitative easing again

UK currency

Bank of England man wants to print more money

News Wed 29 Sep, AT 12:02

Business Digest: Adam Posen wants to prevent low growth and unemployment