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Bank of England


Funding for Lending Scheme: Bank lending falls

One-Minute Read
Tue 4 Jun, AT 12:04

Young and fast-growing businesses' still left in the cold

Will Osborne's Help to Buy cause housing bubble?

Personal Finance
Thu 30 May, AT 13:05

The Chancellor's attempt to place rocket-boosters under the housing market could lead to disaster

Will new Bank of England chief Carney devalue pound?

One-Minute Read
Thu 30 May, AT 11:19

World's biggest bond fund suggests Canadian may have no choice to help UK recover from recession

Mark Carney: Europe faces lost decade unless it's bold

One-Minute Read
Wed 22 May, AT 10:11

Incoming 'rock star' Bank of England governor warns of 'a decade of stagnation' without reforms

Osborne 'hid help-to-buy scheme from regulator'

One-Minute Read
Fri 3 May, AT 13:10

Chancellor 'ordered UK's financial regulator be kept in the dark about his 'help to buy' scheme'

Bob Diamond

Bob Diamond: Money isn't my goal, I don't even own a boat

One-Minute Read
Fri 3 May, AT 11:33

Shamed former Barclays boss admits 'I didn't understand Libor' in first interview since he quit

No triple-dip 'disaster', but Osborne's economy still flat

First Reaction
Thu 25 Apr, AT 13:50

Slim GDP growth is 'big positive' for chancellor in political terms, but economy is still flatlining

Bank of England

Treasury and Bank of England to extend funding for lending

One-Minute Read
Wed 24 Apr, AT 11:40

'This is a big boost for business', says Osborne

Bank of England

Funding for lending scheme not enough, say banks

One-Minute Read
Mon 22 Apr, AT 11:30

'If it were to be extended I think that would be helpful, but it is not a panacea', say expers

Britain to avoid triple-dip recession, say senior Tories

One-Minute Read
Mon 22 Apr, AT 10:08

Government figures suggest worst is over for UK economy - but not everyone is so sure