Fuel bill

UK energy bills push up inflation for February

One-Minute Read Wed 20 Mar, AT 15:20

Energy price rises help jack up inflation rate to 2.8 per cent – target remains 2 per cent

Mervyn King

Is Mervyn King right to suggest economic recovery is in sight?

First Reaction Fri 15 Mar, AT 11:17

Bank of England governor makes cheery forecast but some ask 'why should we believe him?'

Bank of England

Funding for Lending 'to be put on steroids'

One-Minute Read Tue 12 Mar, AT 08:00

Scheme will be extended beyond 2013 and directed more towards small businesses, says FT

Bank of England rejects calls to increase QE

One-Minute Read Fri 8 Mar, AT 09:01

Decision means interest rates stay at historic 0.5 per cent lows

Bank of England

Banks fail to exploit Funding for Lending scheme for good of all

One-Minute Read Tue 5 Mar, AT 10:02

Building societies and banks lend £2.4 billion less despite scheme designed to boost credit

Mark Carney Bob Diamond

Mark Carney takes a swipe at ex-Barclays boss Bob Diamond

One-Minute Read Tue 26 Feb, AT 11:17

'Time for remorse is not over', incoming Bank boss says as he argues it's time to rebuild trust

Pound plunges as BoE minutes cause 'snowball of gloominess'

First Reaction Wed 20 Feb, AT 15:23

Sterling falls after Bank of England's Mervyn King was out-voted on quantitative easing

New Bank chief Mark Carney says he's worth £874,000 salary

First Reaction Thu 7 Feb, AT 15:57

Canadian picked to run Bank of England provides 'breath of fresh air' as he discusses his role

Mervyn King takes a swipe at Bank successor Mark Carney

Brief Wed 23 Jan, AT 08:21

Inflation target essential part of policy, says King – but Carney and Osborne say otherwise

Bank of England

Mortgage and corporate loans finally rising, says BoE

Brief Fri 4 Jan, AT 08:35

Credit Conditions Survey shows positive trend - but one economist warns against over-reaction