Bank of England

25 Apr, 2013

Slim GDP growth is 'big positive' for chancellor in political terms, but economy is still flatlining

Bank of England
24 Apr, 2013

'This is a big boost for business', says Osborne

Bank of England
22 Apr, 2013

'If it were to be extended I think that would be helpful, but it is not a panacea', say expers

22 Apr, 2013

Government figures suggest worst is over for UK economy - but not everyone is so sure

19 Apr, 2013

Mark Carney says US is forging ahead of Britain, Japan and eurozone

Bank of England
18 Apr, 2013

Bank and Treasury discuss extending cheap credit scheme to help small businesses

09 Apr, 2013

Governor 'dismissive' of economic meltdown and watching cricket as crisis hit, book claims

03 Apr, 2013

Analysts say it's 'touch and go' whether the economy grows as 'winter of discontent' extends into Spring

28 Mar, 2013

UK economy contracted towards the end of last year, statistics watchdog confirms

Bank of England
27 Mar, 2013

Vince Cable warns ruling on 'black hole' on balance sheets could hit borrowing