Pound plunges as BoE minutes cause 'snowball of gloominess'

First Reaction Wed 20 Feb, AT 15:23

Sterling falls after Bank of England's Mervyn King was out-voted on quantitative easing

New Bank chief Mark Carney says he's worth £874,000 salary

First Reaction Thu 7 Feb, AT 15:57

Canadian picked to run Bank of England provides 'breath of fresh air' as he discusses his role

Mervyn King takes a swipe at Bank successor Mark Carney

Brief Wed 23 Jan, AT 08:21

Inflation target essential part of policy, says King – but Carney and Osborne say otherwise

Bank of England

Mortgage and corporate loans finally rising, says BoE

Brief Fri 4 Jan, AT 08:35

Credit Conditions Survey shows positive trend - but one economist warns against over-reaction

Bank of England

Hedge funds gain from QE at expense of savers, pensioners

Brief Mon 31 Dec, AT 08:12

Fund run by Conservative party donor Michael Hintze made a return of 32 per cent in 2012

Queen Elizabeth in Northern Ireland

Queen questions 'lax' bankers

Brief Fri 14 Dec, AT 09:17

Reports that the Queen criticised bankers yesterday were wide of the mark

Paul Tucker

Banks 'no longer too big to fail'

Brief Mon 10 Dec, AT 09:14

US and UK regulators draw up cross-border plans in an effort to limit damage to broader economy if banks fail

Growth won't just happen: so when will Osborne get a grip?

Thu 6 Dec, AT 08:50 Richard Ehrman

Reform of planning and employment law has been endlessly promised but never seems to happen

The case against Carney: is ex-Goldman Sachs man tainted?

Talking Point Tue 27 Nov, AT 14:54

Dissenters say Carney at the Bank of England means its business as usual for the City

Warm welcome and a hot salary for new Bank chief Mark Carney

First Reaction Tue 27 Nov, AT 08:18

But the Canadian needed some serious courting by George Osborne to take on the challenge