Google Year in Search: Malaysia Airlines and Suarez top 2014 stories

One-Minute Read Tue 16 Dec, AT 11:02

Jennifer Lawrence heads the global list of people trending on Google, beating Kim Kardashian and Julie Gayet

One World Trade Center, New York

Banksy says new World Trade Center 'betrays' 9/11 victims

One-Minute Read Mon 28 Oct, AT 13:51

Paper refuses to print article calling Ground Zero development New York's 'biggest eyesore'

Banksy: New Yorkers charged $20 for flash of beaver - video

Video Fri 11 Oct, AT 14:22

Enterprising locals in East New York are 'heroes' for imposing pay-per-view tariff on art lovers

Nola (Rain Again) by Banksy

Unmasking Banksy: is elusive street artist really a woman?

Briefing Wed 12 Nov, AT 14:05

Writer claims evidence to suggest Banksy is a man is a form of 'misdirection' planted by artist herself

Banksy mural torn from London wall 'must be sent home'

One-Minute Read Tue 19 Feb, AT 09:42

Council and residents angry that street artist's gift is up for sale on US auction site

Banksy graffiti at Poundland

Child labour image on wall of Poundland fuels Banksy hype

One-Minute Read Thu 17 May, AT 13:20

Expert insists stencil of sweatshop worker with Jubilee bunting is a genuine Banksy

Banksy graffiti at Norm's 76 in Los Angeles

Advertiser ‘pissed’ after Banksy billboard removed

News Thu 17 Feb, AT 11:49

LA billboard ‘tagged’ by Banksy is removed - much to chagrin of flattered advertiser

Banksy behind subversive Simpsons introduction

News Mon 11 Oct, AT 13:10

Enslaved pandas and child labour: UK graffiti artist guest directs The Simpsons