Barack Obama

Lafayette Shooting
24 Jul, 2015

Attack comes as jurors decide to keep execution on table for Colorado cinema killer James Holmes

15 Jul, 2015

Nazi tweet sparks outrage – but the billionaire presidential hopeful has never been shy of controversy

Barack Obama announced executive actions in the US
07 Jul, 2015

Trade deal between the US and 11 other Pacific nations could be legacy-defining achievement for Obama

Raoul Castro and Barack Obama shake hands
01 Jul, 2015

The two countries have reached an agreement to re-establish formal diplomatic relations

A pistol is fired at a US gun show
24 Jul, 2015

US citizens, 5 per cent of the world's population, own as many as half of its privately held guns

08 Jun, 2015

G7 meeting sees president up pressure over two per cent Nato spending benchmark

George Osborne
27 Jul, 2015

The Chancellor faces tough task in France as British universities come out in favour of remaining in the EU

NSA desk
08 May, 2015

Landmark ruling hailed as 'huge step' for individual Americans' rights, but the fight is far from over

15 Apr, 2015

The 'significant message of confidence' is crucial step in improving relations between the two countries

10 Apr, 2015

As the chances of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fade, few alternatives remain