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NSA desk

NSA mass surveillance 'illegal', rules US federal court

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Fri 8 May, AT 10:27

Landmark ruling hailed as 'huge step' for individual Americans' rights, but the fight is far from over

Cuba does not sponsor terror says US, as relations thaw

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Wed 15 Apr, AT 11:36

The 'significant message of confidence' is crucial step in improving relations between the two countries

Middle East peace process: are two states the only option?

Fri 10 Apr, AT 11:57

As the chances of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fade, few alternatives remain

US President Barack Obama shakes hands with Cuban President Raul Castro in South Africa in 2013

Obama and Castro 'to make history' in Panama

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Fri 10 Apr, AT 10:14

US president expected to announce Cuba will be removed from terror list in effort to improve relations

Iran nuclear talks: 'tricky issues' remain as deadline looms

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Tue 31 Mar, AT 08:54

Deal to curb Iran's ability to build a nuclear bomb could 'scarcely be more sensitive or difficult'

World leaders at the G8 summit in Brisbane

World leaders' personal details revealed by data breach

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Mon 30 Mar, AT 10:19

Data breach by Australian immigration department reveals world leaders' passport numbers

President Barack Obama

Obama: Iran must scale down its nuclear activities

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Fri 20 Mar, AT 10:12

Talks between Iran and Western powers have made progress but 'gaps' remain, he warned

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro

Why has Obama declared Venezuela a national security threat?

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Tue 10 Mar, AT 13:20

Venezuela joins Iran and Syria on the threat list, as Washington issues latest round of sanctions against officials

Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyaho

Netanyahu address: is Obama on a collision course with Israel?

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Tue 3 Mar, AT 10:21

Netanyahu's US speech strains relations between Obama and Netanyahu, Democrats and Republicans, and American Jews and Israelis

Rocket launcher in Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine crisis: US warns Russia over Minsk deal violations

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Wed 18 Feb, AT 08:37

US ambassador accuses Russia of signing truces and then doing everything it can to undermine them