Barack Obama

Poster of the Interview

Obama praises Sony move to release North Korea film

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Wed 24 Dec, AT 08:59

The Interview will show in 200 cinemas tomorrow despite hackers threatening a 9/11-type attack

Joan rivers

Top ten social media disasters of 2014

Mon 29 Dec, AT 07:04

The funniest – and most cringeworthy – Twitter and Facebook faux pas of the year

US President Barack Obama shakes hands with Cuban President Raul Castro in South Africa in 2013

US-Cuba deal: Obama and Castro 'cut the shackles'

First Reaction
Thu 18 Dec, AT 11:05

Many welcome the 'long overdue' move to normalise relations with Cuba, but Obama faces fierce opposition from Republicans

Charles Laurence

Run, Warren, run! The woman liberals prefer over Hillary

Wed 17 Dec, AT 08:49
Charles Laurence

Jeb Bush v Hillary Clinton in 2016? Or would another Democrat, Elizabeth Warren, be a bolder choice?

Barack Obama announced executive actions in the US

Executive orders: how a US president can rule by decree

Fri 21 Nov, AT 10:57

Republicans say Obama's immigration rules are illegal and should be overturned, but executive orders have a long history

US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping

China and US strike 'historic' greenhouse gas emissions deal

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Wed 12 Nov, AT 09:06

World's two largest polluters pledge to cap carbon emissions ahead of major climate talks next year

Charles Laurence

Melt the planet: shock reality of Republicans’ midterm win

Wed 12 Nov, AT 07:44
Charles Laurence

Republicans plan to block, stymie or dismantle every proposal Obama has made to deal with climate change

Barack Obama

Net neutrality: Obama backs equal access to the internet

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Tue 11 Nov, AT 12:33

President comes out against controversial plans to create paid-for 'fast lanes' for the internet

US troops

US troop deployment marks 'new phase' in the fight against IS

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Mon 10 Nov, AT 09:56

The number of US soldiers in Iraq will double in 'phase two' of Obama's fight against Islamic State