Barack Obama

14 Oct, 2014

Extent of Turkey's commitment to the fight will 'hang in the background' at session in Washington

Charles Laurence
07 Oct, 2014

Wall St cheers as US bombs are used to blow up US-made equipment that will all need replacing

Charles Laurence
01 Oct, 2014

A man with a knife gets into the White House while an armed thug gets to ride in a lift with Obama

Barack Obama
29 Sep, 2014

President admits Syria was allowed to become 'ground-zero for jihadists around the world'

Pentagon image on US strikes in Syria
24 Sep, 2014

US launches attacks on Islamic State without UN mandate or consent from the Syrian regime

China's Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli
24 Sep, 2014

US and China 'embrace' their responsibility to combat the global effects of climate change

Charles Laurence
23 Sep, 2014

Family of beheaded journalist claim he was sold to IS by 'moderates' Obama is now supporting

17 Sep, 2014

Government accused of sending 'mixed messages' about their mission against Islamic State militants

16 Sep, 2014

Strikes move closer to Baghdad as Obama launches campaign to 'degrade and destroy' militant group

Barack Obama, a televised speech
11 Sep, 2014

Barack Obama announces US military expansion in Middle East in speech he had 'hoped to avoid'