Barack Obama

16 Sep, 2014

Strikes move closer to Baghdad as Obama launches campaign to 'degrade and destroy' militant group

Barack Obama, a televised speech
11 Sep, 2014

Barack Obama announces US military expansion in Middle East in speech he had 'hoped to avoid'

Charles Laurence
11 Sep, 2014

America has made it loud and clear that he should go get the killers who beheaded the two journalists

The new PM of Iraq Haidar al-Abadi
09 Sep, 2014

United States hails new Iraqi cabinet as a milestone in the fight against Islamic State militants

Crispin Black
05 Sep, 2014

It is no longer possible to pretend that Muslim immigration to Britain has been an unqualified success

Republican supporters in Colorado
05 Sep, 2014

Republican party overwhelms Democrats in a sweeping election victory across the United States

The Mole
05 Sep, 2014

William Hague makes it clear that prior approval from Parliament would not be necessary

Robert Fox
04 Sep, 2014

Cameron and Obama have a lot of persuading to do as the West faces IS and Ukraine crises

David Cameron and Fogh Rasmussen
04 Sep, 2014

Nato leaders will discuss Ukraine and the rise of the Islamic State – but what will the summit achieve?

Tony Blair
03 Sep, 2014

GQ names Tony Blair philanthropist of the year but it's not the first controversial prize to be awarded