Barack Obama

The flag of IS flutters on the 'dome' of a Syrian Christian Church
09 Jun, 2014

Militants behead and rape victims, yet stage 'fun days' for residents of their self-declared caliphate

The Mole
21 Aug, 2014

Cameron isn't the only one: Obama plays golf while IS threatens to execute second journalist

Robert Fox
20 Aug, 2014

If we want Kurds to act as our 'boots on the ground' against IS, there can be no more broken promises

Charles Laurence
19 Aug, 2014

America's first black president is either reluctant or unable to take on the issue of inequality

Bill Gates
18 Aug, 2014

Internet is awash with videos of Justin Bieber and and Bill Gates drenching themselves with ice water

Robert Fox
15 Aug, 2014

Cameron's foreign policy is an 'omnishambles' while Obama looks increasingly parochial and isolationist

Charles Laurence
14 Aug, 2014

As Clinton pledges support for Israel, Generation Millennial more likely to sympathise with Hamas

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki
12 Aug, 2014

Power struggle in Iraqi government threatens to hamper efforts to stem advances by the militants

Robert Fox
08 Aug, 2014

As US bombers attack Islamic State fighters, the world looks as flammable today as it did in 1914

Yazidi women take shelter at a school in the Kurdish city of Dohuk
08 Aug, 2014

One of Iraq's oldest and most persecuted religious minorities, the Yazidi faces yet another genocide