Barack Obama

Patrick Stewart

Twitter mocks Cameron as celebs join Ukraine phonecall

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Thu 6 Mar, AT 10:35

Obama call tweet sparks a meme featuring Patrick Stewart, Wet Ones, dinosaurs and a puppy

Rubles rolling into London force Cameron to cool it on sanctions

Tue 4 Mar, AT 09:47
The Mole

And how do we know? Because, once again, an official visiting the PM has failed to keep his papers to himself

Crimea: Obama warns Russia of intervention ‘costs’

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Sat 1 Mar, AT 08:15

Kiev claims 2,000 Russian troops have invaded the Ukrainian province of Crimea

Barack Obama and Beyonce: a very on-off 'affair'

Mon 10 Feb, AT 20:19
Nigel Horne

Parisian photographer's bizarre claim threatens to overshadow Hollande's trip to DC. But not for long

Obama's State of Union address reveals 'scaled-down ambition'

First Reaction
Wed 29 Jan, AT 10:09

President promises action on 'bread-and-butter' issues, but 'audacity of hope' has evaporated

US hints that whistleblower Snowden could plea bargain

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Fri 24 Jan, AT 12:37

The USA attorney general, Eric Holder, has hinted the NSA leaker could return home

Charles Laurence

Obama accused of 'playing race card to explain his failures'

Wed 22 Jan, AT 08:45
Charles Laurence

Rush Limbaugh leads attack, calling US President's comments to New Yorker magazine 'deranged'


NSA spied on Britons as it reaped 200m text messages a day

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Fri 17 Jan, AT 09:59

GCHQ made use of massive text database collected by 'Dishfire' program, according to latest Snowden leaks

Charles Laurence

Will Obama rein in his spies and let Snowden off? Don't bet on it

Fri 3 Jan, AT 11:19
Charles Laurence

The US president is considering 46 proposals to reform surveillance: expect window-dressing

The top 10 social media fails of 2013

Tue 24 Dec, AT 10:30

The worst mistakes committed by companies, celebs and politicians and what we learnt from them