Charles Laurence

Tea Party tax outrage: latest 'scandal' to beset Obama

Thu 16 May, AT 10:01 Charles Laurence

The US President is under fire on three fronts – but it's really Hillary Clinton the Republicans want to sink


Tory discipline breaks down as PPS vows to back EU rebels

Mon 13 May, AT 11:37 The Mole

Gove's PPS says he'll vote for rebel amendment while David Davis throws champagne party for Mad Nad

Shades of John Major as PM seeks to escape eurosceptics

Fri 10 May, AT 11:11 The Mole

Today Russia, next the States – but there's no hiding place when the Tory eurosceptics have their tails up

North Korea satellite launch

North Korea removes missiles from test site as tensions ease

First Reaction Tue 7 May, AT 11:47

Pyongyang has ended six-week stand off by removing missiles, but situation could flare up again

Obama has change of heart on giving arms to Syrian rebels

First Reaction Fri 3 May, AT 10:42

Hardening evidence about Assad regime's use of chemical weapons prompts US re-think

American gets 15 years' hard labour in North Korea

First Reaction Thu 2 May, AT 12:05

Kenneth Bae may be 'bargaining chip' in regime's attempts to get concessions from the White House

Barack Obama stars as Daniel Day-Lewis in comedy video

Video Mon 29 Apr, AT 15:06

President plays actor playing himself in sketch for White House Correspondents' Association

US says Syrian regime has used chemical weapons twice

First Reaction Fri 26 Apr, AT 09:46

Assad crosses Obama's 'red line' by using sarin gas, but president moving 'cautiously' to intervene

AP Twitter hack by Syrian group causes £90bn US market slump

First Reaction Wed 24 Apr, AT 11:38

'Flash crash' caused by report that Obama injured in White House explosion