Barack Obama

The Mole

Ed Miliband poll collapse: spin doctor Axelrod faces uphill task

Tue 13 May, AT 09:47
The Mole

Two polls show a sudden drop in Labour support just as Obama's election guru flies into town

Charles Laurence

'I was no Mob rat' says Rev Al Sharpton. Pull the other one...

Wed 9 Apr, AT 11:25
Charles Laurence

The revelation that Obama's friend Sharpton was an FBI snitch in the 1980s has the ring of truth

Fort Hood: four dead as soldier opens fire on US army base

One-Minute Read
Thu 3 Apr, AT 10:03

Iraq veteran shoots dead colleagues and injures 16 before killing himself, four years after similar attack

Italy's radical Matteo Renzi gets Obama and Cameron on side

Wed 2 Apr, AT 09:23
Andrea Vogt

Vow to reduce bloated government and decision to sell off car fleet gets Italians behind Renzi, too

Can Mark Zuckerberg lecture Barack Obama on privacy?

Talking Point
Fri 14 Mar, AT 16:39

Zuckerberg has often been accused of a lax attitude to internet privacy, but the NSA revelations may have changed that

Robert Fox

The fog of war reporting: how the truth gets lost in Ukraine

Fri 7 Mar, AT 08:56
Robert Fox

If Crimea is re-annexed to Moscow, the numbers fleeing could create a humanitarian crisis

Patrick Stewart

Twitter mocks Cameron as celebs join Ukraine phonecall

One-Minute Read
Thu 6 Mar, AT 10:35

Obama call tweet sparks a meme featuring Patrick Stewart, Wet Ones, dinosaurs and a puppy

Rubles rolling into London force Cameron to cool it on sanctions

Tue 4 Mar, AT 09:47
The Mole

And how do we know? Because, once again, an official visiting the PM has failed to keep his papers to himself

Crimea: Obama warns Russia of intervention ‘costs’

One-Minute Read
Sat 1 Mar, AT 08:15

Kiev claims 2,000 Russian troops have invaded the Ukrainian province of Crimea