US congress

US shutdown: no deal struck despite offer to lift debt ceiling

One-Minute Read Fri 11 Oct, AT 10:50

Marked change in tone from White House and Republicans but still no resolution reached

The White House at dusk

US begins shutdown: what does this mean for America?

Briefing Tue 1 Oct, AT 10:10

Nearly 800,000 government workers face unpaid leave as United States is 'plunged into crisis'

US Congress

US shutdown: Is Republican party really to blame?

Briefing Fri 4 Oct, AT 08:18

Election in Virginia will provide evidence of who Americans hold responsible for stalemate

Obama: 'I quit smoking because I'm scared of my wife' - video

Video Tue 24 Sep, AT 12:41

US President claims that fear of First Lady Michelle has kept him off the cigarettes for years

Hassan Rouhani

Iran: in from the cold? Rouhani 'will meet Obama'

One-Minute Read Mon 16 Sep, AT 10:00

Moderate could become first Iranian president to meet US leader with 'corridor encounter'

Does Russia's chemical weapons plan give Obama a way out?

Talking Point Tue 10 Sep, AT 09:24

John Kerry's 'tactical error' may help his president avoid humiliating Congress defeat

‘Britain just a small island’ jibe overshadows deeply split G20

Summary Fri 6 Sep, AT 15:18

President Obama isolated in push for Syria strike as Russia taunts PM over humiliating defeat in Commons

David Cameron

PM rules out fresh vote on Syria despite political mood swing

Mon 2 Sep, AT 15:40 The Mole

Members of all three main parties believe that 'compelling new evidence' requires a fresh vote – but PM is adamant it won't happen