Barack Obama

Charles Laurence

Will Obama rein in his spies and let Snowden off? Don't bet on it

Fri 3 Jan, AT 11:19
Charles Laurence

The US president is considering 46 proposals to reform surveillance: expect window-dressing

The top 10 social media fails of 2013

Tue 24 Dec, AT 10:30

The worst mistakes committed by companies, celebs and politicians and what we learnt from them

Barack Obama

Obama must reform NSA in wake of Snowden leaks, says report

First Reaction
Thu 19 Dec, AT 12:44

Call to end NSA efforts to 'undermine' web security are 'vindication' of whistleblower

Barack Obama sends two gay sports icons to Sochi Olympics

First Reaction
Wed 18 Dec, AT 11:41

Billie Jean King will head to Russia in hope of a 'watershed moment' amid anti-gay law row


Thmsanqa Jantjie: SNL spoofs 'bogus' interpreter - video

Tue 17 Dec, AT 10:52

South African who waved his hands 'aimlessly' behind US president at Mandela memorial inspires a skit

Selfie-gate: Obama attacked over Mandela memorial photo

First Reaction
Wed 11 Dec, AT 09:43

Press and social media lash out at US president, David Cameron and Danish PM over 'disrespectful' snap

Obama finds his voice with a magnificent tribute to Mandela

Tue 10 Dec, AT 15:54
Annalisa Barbieri

Too many leaders claim solidarity with Mandela's struggle, but don't tolerate dissent, says US president

Hassan Rouhani

Why now? Understanding the Iran nuclear breakthrough

Mon 25 Nov, AT 12:07
The Conversation

Obama’s 'realist' US foreign policy appears to have allayed Iranian fears generated by chaotic Bush era, says Ben Rich

Charles Laurence

Senator jumps gun to 'endorse' President Hillary Clinton

Mon 4 Nov, AT 12:31
Charles Laurence

As 'bystander-in-chief' Barack Obama plays golf, senior Democrats hope to clear the field for Hillary