Chavez gives Obama 'The Open Veins of Latin America' by Eduardo Galeano

How Eduardo Galeano gained overnight fame

News Mon 20 Apr, AT 01:00

Hugo Chavez’s gift of a little-known book to Barack Obama has sent the exiled Uruguayan writer shooting up the bestseller lists

Barack Obama

Obama has become the beleaguered messiah

Fri 17 Apr, AT 01:00 Alexander Cockburn

From the economy to foreign policy the new president has little between here and the horizon but a sheet of very thin ice, which is already starting to crack

Newt Gingrich sets sights on 2012 presidential run

Tue 14 Apr, AT 17:29 Charles Laurence

As Sarah Palin is sidelined, the former Republican speaker is back on the Washington radar, writes Charles Laurence

US captain hailed a hero after dramatic rescue

News Mon 13 Apr, AT 01:00

But there are a fears of an escalation in violence in the Indian Ocean as Somali pirates vow to get revenge on the US Navy

Obama’s Grand Tour: just don’t mention the genocide

News Tue 7 Apr, AT 01:00

The first major glitch in an otherwise near-perfect trip came when Obama started to lecture European leaders on Turkey’s wish to join the EU