US captain hailed a hero after dramatic rescue

News Mon 13 Apr, AT 01:00

But there are a fears of an escalation in violence in the Indian Ocean as Somali pirates vow to get revenge on the US Navy

Obama’s Grand Tour: just don’t mention the genocide

News Tue 7 Apr, AT 01:00

The first major glitch in an otherwise near-perfect trip came when Obama started to lecture European leaders on Turkey’s wish to join the EU

Nukes disarmament starts at home, ‘Bush-lite’ Obama

News Tue 7 Apr, AT 01:00

America’s Bush-era preaching to the world continues apace under Obama, exemplified by his approach to nuclear disarmament

Afghanistan will prove to be Obama’s Vietnam

Fri 3 Apr, AT 17:05 Alexander Cockburn

The President is committing the US to intervention in Afghanistan that recalls JFK’s attempts to expel communism from Vietnam

Obama and Medvedev aim to slash nuclear stockpiles

News Thu 2 Apr, AT 13:14

The G20 Summit in London sees the first signs of a thawing between Russia and the US as their leaders agree to open talks on nuclear arsenals