Barack Obama

Obama brings house down at Correspondents’ dinner

News Mon 11 May, AT 12:49

Barack Obama’s self-effacing jokes go down well with a tame audience of celebrities and journalists

Senator Arlen Specter

Republicans in disarray after Arlen Specter’s defection

Fri 1 May, AT 08:42 Alexander Cockburn

But picking a battle over Barack Obama’s upcoming nominations for the Supreme Court could provide a road out of the wilderness

Barack Obama 100 days

Obama and Churchill friends again after 100 days

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 10:12

Winston Churchill was right to denounce torture, says President as he completes his first 100 days

Air Force One jet flies over New York, mimicking the flightpath used by planes on 9/11

Obama’s 100th day marred by New York jet 9/11 gaffe

News Wed 29 Apr, AT 12:51

Mayor Bloomberg ‘furious’ over White House’s photo op stunt in which Air Force One replicated the 9/11 flightpath