Air Force One jet flies over New York, mimicking the flightpath used by planes on 9/11

Obama’s 100th day marred by New York jet 9/11 gaffe

News Wed 29 Apr, AT 12:51

Mayor Bloomberg ‘furious’ over White House’s photo op stunt in which Air Force One replicated the 9/11 flightpath

Hillary Clinton and Samantha Power

Another dubious ‘scoop’ for British journalism

News Tue 28 Apr, AT 14:14

After the Mail’s prize for listening to the radio, a Scottish newspaper reporter is feted for ignoring an ‘off the record’ request

Barack Obama

Obama’s chance to lift the lid on the Bush years

Fri 24 Apr, AT 17:11 Alexander Cockburn

A new round of Congressional hearings could expose what has really happened on Wall Street and in Iraq. But does Obama have the courage?

Bahman Ghobadi; Roxana Saberi

‘Love letter’ plea for Roxana Saberi’s freedom

News Wed 22 Apr, AT 01:00

Iranian film director pleads with the authorities to release his fiancee ­claiming that she is ‘too pure’ to be dragged into political games

Chavez gives Obama 'The Open Veins of Latin America' by Eduardo Galeano

How Eduardo Galeano gained overnight fame

News Mon 20 Apr, AT 01:00

Hugo Chavez’s gift of a little-known book to Barack Obama has sent the exiled Uruguayan writer shooting up the bestseller lists