Will Obama bring audacity to US dope law reform?

Fri 20 Feb, AT 15:08 Alexander Cockburn

President Obama could make himself very popular by abandoning the unpopular and unwinnable war on drugs

Can Barack Obama really steer the US off the rocks?

Fri 13 Feb, AT 15:30 Alexander Cockburn

As the country goes into meltdown and California prints IOUs, Americans are already questioning if the president can save them

Why did Obama not see these problems coming?

Fri 6 Feb, AT 00:00 Alexander Cockburn

The president may be honest, but the trouble his nominees have had at their hearings shows that very little changes in Washington

Avigdor Lieberman: Israel’s new hard man

News Thu 5 Feb, AT 00:00

The ultra-right-wing tough-talking ex-bouncer could force his way into Israel’s government

New Labour is sacrificing our Army in Afghanistan

News Wed 4 Feb, AT 00:00

British soldiers’ lives are being lost because our politicians still feel the urge to punch above their weight on the world stage