RBS is fined £5.6m for improper reporting of banking deals

Brief Thu 25 Jul, AT 11:07

Bad day for bailed-out bank as leading candidate for Stephen Hester's job rules himself out

Barclays fined $453m for 'rigging' US energy markets

Brief Wed 17 Jul, AT 10:44

American regulators find bank and four traders guilty of 'serious violations'

Moody's praises UK banks and upgrades outlook

Brief Thu 11 Jul, AT 10:38

Big banks would be able to withstand another financial crisis and profits are set to rise

First Libor trader charged in rate rigging scandal

One-Minute Read Fri 21 Jun, AT 10:39

Tom Hayes faces justice over eight charges after he was arrested by the Serious Fraud Office in December


Lloyds, HSBC, RBS and Barclays to have axed 189,000 jobs by 2013

One-Minute Read Wed 29 May, AT 12:26

Figures show banks will have cut their headcount by 24% to a nine-year low of 606,000,

Bloomberg memos leaked online

One-Minute Read Tue 14 May, AT 11:35

Scandal apologises as editor-in-chief says 'the error is inexcusable'

Bob Diamond

Bob Diamond: Money isn't my goal, I don't even own a boat

One-Minute Read Fri 3 May, AT 11:33

Shamed former Barclays boss admits 'I didn't understand Libor' in first interview since he quit

'Greedy bastards': investor, 75, attacks Barclays bosses at AGM

One-Minute Read Fri 26 Apr, AT 10:02

Widower Joan Woolard applauded after telling execs: 'I don't understand how you sleep at night'

Barclays profits fall by 25%

One-Minute Read Thu 25 Apr, AT 10:46

'We have not chosen an easy path for Barclays, but we have chosen the right one', chief executive says

'Fat cat' banker Rich Ricci leaves Barclays

One-Minute Read Fri 19 Apr, AT 10:31

Appropriately-named banker famed for private jets and racehorses is 'retired' at 49