Barclays Bank

Barclays profit drop raises Diamond bonus questions

News Wed 27 Apr, AT 11:31

Business digest: UK bank is first to under-perform in first quarter of 2011

Barclays bank

Bank regulations could force Barclays move to NY

News Thu 31 Mar, AT 10:41

Business digest: UBS report recommends shifting city, New York mayor says move would be ‘great’

Barclays Bank

Don’t push us to leave UK, Barclays warns Treasury

News Mon 21 Mar, AT 10:05

Business Digest: Barclays boss threatens bank could move to States over break-up threat

Barclays' Bob Diamond

Barclays awards boss Bob Diamond a £6.5m bonus

News Mon 7 Mar, AT 13:29

Business digest: The bank also reveals that it paid its top 231 staff £554m in 2010

Job centre; unemployment

Companies close door to former public sector staff

News Mon 21 Feb, AT 10:32

Business digest: Government hopes of private sector employing redundant state employees look forlorn

Barclays' Bob Diamond

Barclays reports pre-tax profits of £6.07bn 

News Tue 15 Feb, AT 10:01

Business Digest: Investment bank sees strong growth under Bob Diamond