21 Jun, 2013

Tom Hayes faces justice over eight charges after he was arrested by the Serious Fraud Office in December

30 May, 2013

Reports of 'phantom' payments on contactless cards raises questions over their security

29 May, 2013

Figures show banks will have cut their headcount by 24% to a nine-year low of 606,000,

14 May, 2013

Scandal apologises as editor-in-chief says 'the error is inexcusable'

Bob Diamond
03 May, 2013

Shamed former Barclays boss admits 'I didn't understand Libor' in first interview since he quit

26 Apr, 2013

Widower Joan Woolard applauded after telling execs: 'I don't understand how you sleep at night'

25 Apr, 2013

'We have not chosen an easy path for Barclays, but we have chosen the right one', chief executive says

19 Apr, 2013

Appropriately-named banker famed for private jets and racehorses is 'retired' at 49

16 Apr, 2013

Investment executives deny going behind client's back to mount rival bid for carbon-trading firm

04 Apr, 2013

Former Sun editor unveiled as new online columnist... and heaps praise on Murdoch