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Mark Carney Bob Diamond

Mark Carney takes a swipe at ex-Barclays boss Bob Diamond

One-Minute Read
Tue 26 Feb, AT 11:17

'Time for remorse is not over', incoming Bank boss says as he argues it's time to rebuild trust

Barclays to cut 3,700 jobs and close tax avoidance unit

One-Minute Read
Tue 12 Feb, AT 10:05

Bank's new boss pledges 'fundamental change' as profits fall after a year of scandal

Barclays, RBS payouts spark fresh outrage

First Reaction
Wed 30 Jan, AT 10:23

Bank wants to pay chief massive bonus despite year of scandals

Two top RBS executives set to lose jobs over Libor scandal

Fri 11 Jan, AT 08:44

CEO Stephen Hester thought to be safe as bank prepares for massive fine from regulators

Libor scandal: three bankers arrested

Wed 12 Dec, AT 08:19

Serious Fraud Office arrests bankers over conspiracy to rig Libor

Sandy clean-up gives GDP a boost

One-Minute Read
Mon 5 Nov, AT 16:07

Superstorm Sandy's impact will reduce US GDP in the fourth quarter, but reconstruction efforts will see it boosted in early 2013


Barclays reports £47m loss

One-Minute Read
Wed 31 Oct, AT 12:12

Pre-tax loss reported after the bank made a provision of £700m against PPI mis-selling compensation

Barclays to stand trial over Libor

One-Minute Read
Tue 30 Oct, AT 13:43

High Court judge rules Guardian Care Homes could sue for alleged mis-selling of financial products

Starbucks suffers reputation slump over tax 'avoidance'

Talking Point
Fri 19 Oct, AT 12:12

Consumer goodwill drains away over coffee chain's failure to pay tax as more politicians call for boycott

Richard Branson

Richard Branson wants RBS bank branches at a knockdown price

First Post
Mon 15 Oct, AT 07:35

But there could be competition from US entrepreneur Christopher Flowers in wake of Santander pull-out