Agius quits to save Bob Diamond - but he was due to go anyway

Mon 2 Jul, AT 07:38 The Mole

Barclays chairman falls on sword – but with new claims against Bank of England, it will solve nothing

Barclays' Bob Diamond

Barclays investors call for Bob Diamond to quit as FBI steps in

One-Minute Read Sun 1 Jul, AT 16:15

14 Barclays traders face FBI probe while two leading shareholders want management gone

Mervyn King

King refuses to back Diamond as 'fit and proper' Barclays boss

Summary Fri 29 Jun, AT 14:58

Bank of England governor calls for a change of culture and an end to the shoddy treatment of bank customers


Bankers' access to No. 10 helps them get away with it

Opinion digest Fri 29 Jun, AT 11:42

Opinion digest: banking culture, government U-turns and Beckham's Olympic snub

Boris Johnson

End of the road for the Boris and Bob Diamond show

Point of View Thu 28 Jun, AT 14:54

The London mayor says the behaviour of 'dodgy' Barclays traders was 'almost certainly criminal'

Barclays' Bob Diamond

The rise and fall of 'casino banker' Bob Diamond

Profile Thu 28 Jun, AT 10:33

'The unacceptable face of banking' is facing calls to quit over Barclays' market manipulation


British banks downgraded, but is anybody listening to Moody's?

First Reaction Fri 22 Jun, AT 09:19

Fears of higher borrowing costs to customers might be overdone, as downgrades have been long anticipated

Jimmy Carr

Tax avoidance: is Jimmy Carr's comedy career over?

First Post Wed 20 Jun, AT 16:21

If we see Carr on 10 O'Clock Live again the hypocrisy will be insufferable, says one critic