Royal Bank of Scotland may make a bid for Game Group

UK banks 'are sitting on £40 billion in undeclared losses'

One-Minute Read Wed 6 Jun, AT 11:56

RBS alone has hidden losses of £18bn, according to new research, and new accounting standards are to blame

Mark Zuckerberg

Investors sue after getting 'Zucked' by Facebook IPO

First Post Thu 24 May, AT 14:51

New term coined on Wall Street as investors claim Facebook and underwriters misled them

Spain to announce banking reforms as euro slides again

First Reaction Fri 11 May, AT 13:16

Measures to overhaul ailing financial system expected as government races to restore confidence

Clintons Cards

Clinton Cards forced into administration

First Reaction Wed 9 May, AT 11:23

Gift chain's biggest supplier bought its debt and immediately forced repayment

Barclays Bank

What's so 'encouraging' about Barclays' £475m loss?

First Post Thu 26 Apr, AT 09:47

The bank is upbeat because its £475m loss hides a better-than-expected underlying profit

Bob Diamond

Diamond accepts bonus tweak to head off Barclays revolt

One-Minute Read Fri 20 Apr, AT 10:39

Barclays shareholders were threatening to vote against remuneration package

Occupy Boardroom

Shareholder rebellions: which companies have faced revolt?

Summary Thu 3 May, AT 16:26

Aviva and UBS investors are the latest to put their foot down over low returns and high executive pay

Bob Diamond

Barclays shareholder revolt is on despite Diamond pay tweak

One-Minute Read Mon 23 Apr, AT 11:37

More shareholders say they will vote against Barclays execs’ controversial pay deals despite news of £2bn profit

Barclaycard PayTag

Can Barclaycard succeed where Google has failed with PayTag?

First Post Thu 19 Apr, AT 10:23

Stick-on contactless credit card is a jerry-rigged alternative to Google Wallet