British banks downgraded, but is anybody listening to Moody's?

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Fri 22 Jun, AT 09:19

Fears of higher borrowing costs to customers might be overdone, as downgrades have been long anticipated

Jimmy Carr

Tax avoidance: is Jimmy Carr's comedy career over?

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Wed 20 Jun, AT 16:21

If we see Carr on 10 O'Clock Live again the hypocrisy will be insufferable, says one critic

Royal Bank of Scotland may make a bid for Game Group

UK banks 'are sitting on £40 billion in undeclared losses'

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Wed 6 Jun, AT 11:56

RBS alone has hidden losses of £18bn, according to new research, and new accounting standards are to blame

Mark Zuckerberg

Investors sue after getting 'Zucked' by Facebook IPO

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Thu 24 May, AT 14:51

New term coined on Wall Street as investors claim Facebook and underwriters misled them

Spain to announce banking reforms as euro slides again

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Fri 11 May, AT 13:16

Measures to overhaul ailing financial system expected as government races to restore confidence

Clintons Cards

Clinton Cards forced into administration

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Wed 9 May, AT 11:23

Gift chain's biggest supplier bought its debt and immediately forced repayment

Barclays Bank

What's so 'encouraging' about Barclays' £475m loss?

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Thu 26 Apr, AT 09:47

The bank is upbeat because its £475m loss hides a better-than-expected underlying profit

Bob Diamond

Diamond accepts bonus tweak to head off Barclays revolt

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Fri 20 Apr, AT 10:39

Barclays shareholders were threatening to vote against remuneration package

Occupy Boardroom

Shareholder rebellions: which companies have faced revolt?

Thu 3 May, AT 16:26

Aviva and UBS investors are the latest to put their foot down over low returns and high executive pay