Bashar al-Assad

Syrian military 'shoots down' US drone in Latakia

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Wed 18 Mar, AT 10:03

Washington confirms it has lost contact with an unmanned aircraft, but says it's not clear if the surveillance plane was attacked

Bashar al-Assad 'informed' on US-led airstrikes against IS

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Tue 10 Feb, AT 08:44

Syrian President says regime has no plans to work with US and denies ever using barrel bombs

Syrian actor covered in snow

Syria's Bashar al-Assad goaded in 'snow bucket' challenge

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Mon 12 Jan, AT 12:07

Young Syrian actor challenges president to brave the cold with country's suffering refugees

How do Arab media write about Assad and Syria?

Fri 7 Nov, AT 15:10

President Assad remains a sharply divisive figure for mainstream Arabic-language media

Pentagon image on US strikes in Syria

Islamic State: are US air strikes in Syria breaking the law?

Wed 24 Sep, AT 12:26

US launches attacks on Islamic State without UN mandate or consent from the Syrian regime

The Mole

UK could join bombing runs against IS at end of next week

Fri 5 Sep, AT 10:52
The Mole

William Hague makes it clear that prior approval from Parliament would not be necessary

Robert Fox

IS threat grows as Obama and Cameron prevaricate

Thu 28 Aug, AT 13:39
Robert Fox

Can 'coalition of the willing' come together to deal with Islamic State? Not if Cameron can help it

Syrian rebels take cover behind a barricade in Aleppo

PM considered plan to train and arm 100,000 Syrian rebels

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Fri 4 Jul, AT 10:08

Secret plan came from army top brass: create rebel army so Syrians could defeat Assad themselves

Tony Blair

Tony Blair accused of lies over Syrian WMDs

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Sun 22 Jun, AT 08:48

Former intelligence chief says PM ‘trying to rewrite history’ of Assad's chemical weapons

The Mole

If US helps fight Isis, it could mean targeting British citizens

Fri 13 Jun, AT 10:32
The Mole

Government under pressure to do something about British jihadists joining Islamist takeover campaign