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Bashar al-Assad

Syrian military 'shoots down' US drone in Latakia

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Wed 18 Mar, AT 10:03

Washington confirms it has lost contact with an unmanned aircraft, but says it's not clear if the surveillance plane was attacked

Tony Blair

Tony Blair accused of lies over Syrian WMDs

One-Minute Read
Sun 22 Jun, AT 08:48

Former intelligence chief says PM ‘trying to rewrite history’ of Assad's chemical weapons

Syrian activists splash paint on President Assad's election posters

Syria holds presidential elections as war rages on

One-Minute Read
Tue 3 Jun, AT 08:29

Main opposition boycotts election, describing it as 'theatre written with the blood of Syrians'

Syrian peace talks resume in Geneva as hundreds escape Homs

Mon 10 Feb, AT 12:51

Ceasefire set to continue in the 'capital of the revolution', but what's next for Geneva II?

Syria 'killed and tortured' 11,000 detainees, say lawyers

First Reaction
Tue 21 Jan, AT 10:00

Evidence of 'systemic killing' by government officials emerges day before start of peace talks

West sends spies to Syria to counter jihadist threat

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Wed 15 Jan, AT 08:59

There's a 'schism' between those in West who want Assad gone and those who fear what replaces him