Bashar al-Assad

17 Jan, 2013

Was poisonous gas Agent 15 used on rebels to test America's chemical weapons ultimatum?

08 Jan, 2013

As shooting started, Mohammed Ali fainted. He awoke to find himself surrounded by dead bodies

Rebel in Aleppo, Syria
20 Nov, 2012

William Hague officially recognises Syrian opposition, but makes no mention of arming rebels

Turkey gunman
05 Oct, 2012

Cross-border mortar attack will boost demands for Nato military intervention, can the West trust Turkey?

28 Aug, 2012

Bradford West MP presents fortnightly show for al-Mayadeen, allegedly funded by Syria and Iran

Crispin Black
31 Jul, 2012

The tolerance shown towards Christians in Syria is unlikely to survive Assad's overthrow by Sunnis

25 Jul, 2012

'We do not always choose which wars to fight,' says man who led British troops in Afghanistan