Bashar al-Assad

Syria protests over Houla massacre

Syrian diplomats expelled as outrage mounts over massacre

Tue 29 May, AT 15:13

Kofi Annan meets President Assad as evidence suggests most of 108 dead civilians in Houla were executed

Mass grave at Houla after Syria massacre

What now for Syria as massacre leaves peace process in shreds?

Talking Point
Sun 27 May, AT 08:12

More than 90 people, including 32 children, killed as troops shell the village of Houla

Asma al-Assad and Bashar al-Assad

Assads shopped for luxuries and music while 8,000 Syrians died

Thu 15 Mar, AT 07:56

Emails unearthed by The Guardian also suggest Assad took advice from Iran and laughed at Arab League

Assad 'hell-bent on murdering' Syrians, says David Cameron

Fri 10 Feb, AT 10:44

Ahead of nationwide protests against Russian veto, ambassador offers eye-witness account of brutality

Free Syria Army

Syria moves against rebels as Russia pledges support

One-Minute Read
Mon 30 Jan, AT 11:54

Assad's regime sends tanks into eastern suburbs of Damascus as Arab League pushes for UN resolution

Has Syria been deserted by an opportunist Arab League?

Talking Point
Tue 15 Nov, AT 12:17

Are Arab leaders making a stand for democracy or just deflecting criticism of their own regimes?

Syria: the world watches as the brutality increases

Wed 26 Oct, AT 12:09
Robert Fox

The use of violence against civilians is more glaring in Syria than in Libya - so why the inertia?

Syria President Bashar al-Assad

Russia and China deserve praise for Syria veto

Point of View
Thu 6 Oct, AT 09:25

Anyone who wishes for a peaceful world should welcome this double veto against UN sanctions

Syria London protest

Amnesty charges Syria with global intimidation

Tue 4 Oct, AT 17:22
Venetia Rainey

Syrian embassy personnel accused of using violence and intimidation to silence anti-Bashar protesters

Syria tanks

Can the Russians really bring peace to Syria?

Mon 12 Sep, AT 08:42
Venetia Rainey

With 3,000 Syrians dead, Russia plays peace broker - but don’t hold your breath for Assad to step down