Bashar al-Assad

Bashar al-Assad
18 Aug, 2011

Syrian president tells UN secretary-general it’s over but experts and activists are sceptical

Syria Latakia tanks
16 Aug, 2011

Economic forces could bring Syrian regime to its knee as Latakia siege enters fourth day

Hama Ramadan massacre
01 Aug, 2011

The implosion of Syria will have consequences for all of us

Reem Haddad Syria
01 Aug, 2011

‘People couldn’t sit exams’ says former head of state news outlet Sana says of Syria’s brutal crackdown

Hama Ramadan massacre
01 Aug, 2011

100 dead as President Assad sends tanks in to regain control of restive city

Syria refugees Turkey border
15 Jun, 2011

Refugees huddled on the Turkish border now fear the president’s troops will come to get them

John Demjanjuk
Asma al-Assad Bashar al-Assad Syria
10 May, 2011

But did Asma al-Assad walk out in disgust - or is she waiting to rejoin her husband?

26 Apr, 2011

Robert Fox: Social network sites get the story out as mainstream TV is unable to cover Syrian atrocities