BBC radio

Christopher Martin-Jenkins: 'the sound of summer' silenced

Talking Point
Wed 2 Jan, AT 09:47

Cricket commentator who became a fixture of BBC Radio’s Test Match Special has died at 67

John Humphrys

Radio 4 loses listeners, but is Radio 3 losing the plot?

Media Watch
Thu 27 Oct, AT 10:24

BBC makes mountain of falling Radio 4 audience - but the real problem is at Radio 3

Sophie Dahl

Radio 4 listeners slam Sophie Dahl’s shed appeal

First Post
Wed 14 Sep, AT 10:18

Why can’t multimillionaire former supermodel save Roald Dahl's writing hut with her own money, they ask

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross calls Mail ‘noxious’ and ‘insincere’

First Post
Thu 1 Sep, AT 11:43

Ross also claims his phone was hacked and defends his big pay packet - ‘I was at the top of my game’

Graham Linehan

BBC Today programme is a ‘fight club’, says Linehan

First Post
Wed 8 Jun, AT 11:52

Critics support writer Graham Linehan’s attack on Radio 4 show for ‘poisoning’ national discourse

Sandi Toksvig

How Sandi Toksvig started a C-word storm at the Mail

Mon 6 Jun, AT 11:53

BBC exec in the Kensington doghouse after judging that 'delight' at joke would outweigh offence caused


If BBC must betray digital radio, put 6Music on FM

Tue 2 Mar, AT 16:39

The BBC’s gutless decision to axe 6Music makes a mockery of its aim to ensure quality not quantity