Brand vs Farage
11 Dec, 2014

Farage and Brand have each angered large swathes of society. Now the two masters of mayhem go head to head

The Mole
06 Nov, 2014

Radio report starts fevered speculation that Miliband might be about to stand down as Labour leader

God Only Knows - BBC Music
08 Oct, 2014

Famous spread of musicians help launch BBC Music but what does this mean for BBC audiences?

Dr Michael Mosley in Should I Eat Meat?
19 Aug, 2014

The answer to the question 'Is meat bad for you?' remains the same – Yes and No

BBC3 drama Our World War
15 Aug, 2014

Drama of a young man's refusal to join a British deserter's firing squad makes memorable TV

David Cameron in Aberdeen
16 Sep, 2014

Cameron promises he 'won't be here forever' but warns that leaving the UK will be a 'painful divorce'

Jeremy Clarkson
28 Jul, 2014

Top Gear presenter breached broadcasting standards with 'slope' comment, but won't be punished by BBC

25 Jul, 2014

BBC2's unexpected hit series reveals just how much Edinburgh and London have in common

Evan Davis
21 Jul, 2014

'Outstanding journalist' Evan Davis will replace Paxman – but should the BBC have hired a woman?

Met police cadets on parade
16 Jul, 2014

Former Met detective believes his 1998 inquiry into abuse was 'all too uncomfortable to a lot of people'