John Pilger's Today contribution riles Robinson and listeners

Thu 2 Jan, AT 10:32 The Mole

'Opinions not facts' argues BBC political editor as 'Guardian types' take over Today programme

Anjem Choudary: fury at 'idiot' cleric's BBC Today interview

First Reaction Fri 20 Dec, AT 09:39

BBC under fire after radical cleric says PM and UK 'foreign policy' is responsible for Lee Rigby murder

Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow overload: BBC cuts back day-long tribute to singer

Talking Point Fri 6 Dec, AT 15:55

Broadcaster scales back day devoted to X-factor judge Gary Barlow after criticism it might breach guidelines

John Cole

John Cole, former BBC political editor dies aged 85

Briefing Fri 8 Nov, AT 14:53

Belfast-born journalist had his own Spitting Image puppet and a well-hidden 'loathing' for Mrs Thatcher

Football ticket prices fall as clubs get the message at last

One-Minute Read Thu 12 Sep, AT 12:21

Adult season tickets and matchday tickets fall on average - and Man City remains the bargain club

Margaret Hodge: from Islington socialist to inquisitor-in-chief

Tue 10 Sep, AT 10:32 The Mole

In her north London council days they nicknamed her 'Enver Hodge'; now she's 'the nation's favourite battle-axe'

Crispin Black

'It wasn't me, guv': shifty BBC crew give the looter's excuse

Tue 10 Sep, AT 08:00 Crispin Black

Time to end the licence fee while BBC still has a brand to sell and before a possible public boycott takes hold

BBC Trust: Mark Thompson's pay-off statement is 'bizarre'

One-Minute Read Fri 6 Sep, AT 11:03

Thompson and Lord Patten 'fighting like ferrets in a sack' as light shone into the dark corners of the BBC

'Napalm' attack: might earlier disclosure have changed vote?

Talking Point Fri 30 Aug, AT 15:25

BBC's film of 'Napalm-like' attack on Syrian playground was screened when Commons was already sitting