04 Jul, 2014

Maggie Gyllenhaal displays an impeccable English accent and cool charisma in new BBC2 drama

Soldiers in Northern Ireland
03 Jul, 2014

Security of one member of controversial Military Reaction Force has been compromised by leak

27 Jun, 2014

Sandy Toksvig-narrated programme fails to ask why housing has never been so unaffordable

BBC's Broadcasting house
25 Jun, 2014

Smartphone users left baffled after BBC News app sends out bizarre push notification by accident

A person sits with a laptop computer
19 Jun, 2014

Tens of thousands of paedophiles are using the hidden web to share images of sexual abuse

BBC Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman
19 Jun, 2014

As Jeremy Paxman steps down as inquisitor in chief, we review some of his most memorable battles

BBC's animated character Danger Mouse
17 Jun, 2014

The rodent spy Danger Mouse and his sidekick Penfold are set to make a comeback with 52 new episodes

10 Jun, 2014

Motoring groups condemn the 'draconian' fourfold increase as magistrates are set to get more powers

David Beckham in the Amazon
10 Jun, 2014

Too old to play in the World Cup, Becks sets off for the jungle. But is he really tired of fame?

Lloyds banking group
05 Jun, 2014

Lloyds, Barclays, MBNA and Capital One accused of ignoring fees and charges in PPI compensation