The Mole

Lord Patten quits BBC and gives headache to all concerned

Wed 7 May, AT 11:11
The Mole

Neither Downing St nor Auntie want to address the sticky licence fee question on the eve of an election

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams arrest: victim's daughter to 'name names'

One-Minute Read
Fri 2 May, AT 08:54

Jean McConville's daughter says she no longer fears the IRA as Sinn Fein leader remains in custody

Secret filming in care home exposes taunts and abuse

One-Minute Read
Wed 30 Apr, AT 09:42

One staff member sacked and seven suspended after investigation reveals poor care for elderly

Tom Hollander in Rev

Rev's Christian critics miss the point: we like our religion vague

Tue 29 Apr, AT 10:47
Holden Frith

The Rev Adam Smallbone may displease fundamentalists, but he’s the perfect priest for a post-Christian nation

Big Allotment Challenge: does a perfect radish make perfect TV?

Wed 16 Apr, AT 09:18
Holden Frith

New BBC2 show makes Great British Bake-Off seem dangerously subversive by comparison

Ian Hislop's Olden Days: have I got historical myths for you

Thu 10 Apr, AT 10:00
Holden Frith

How myths, legends and memories have been used to reshape the past, present and future

Game of Thrones leading man Kit Harrington

Game of Thrones simulcast: US-UK time lag hits zero

Fri 28 Mar, AT 09:40
Holden Frith

But why, in the age of video-on-demand, do Brits need to be up at 2am to enjoy the thrill?

TV licence: MPs should 'tread cautiously' over BBC's future

Talking Point
Tue 25 Mar, AT 15:15

High-quality radio could 'shrivel' if TV licence fee evasion is decriminalised, warn commentators

BBC spoofs itself in W1A: brave satire or sheer self-indulgence?

Thu 20 Mar, AT 09:13
Holden Frith

Team from Twenty Twelve moves effortlessly from Games into New Broadcasting House

W1A: Twenty Twelve sequel 'goes for the jugular' at BBC

One-Minute Read
Thu 13 Mar, AT 09:41

Hugh Bonneville returns for spoof: has BBC shot itself in the foot or is self-parody a clever move?