10 Feb, 2014

Hundreds complain about hysterical commentary as Britain wins first Winter Olympic medal

John Humphrys
16 Jan, 2014

Veteran broadcaster joins calls for change despite warning from BBC chief to stop attacking corporation

02 Jan, 2014

'Opinions not facts' argues BBC political editor as 'Guardian types' take over Today programme

20 Dec, 2013

BBC under fire after radical cleric says PM and UK 'foreign policy' is responsible for Lee Rigby murder

12 Dec, 2013

Lord Patten under pressure: tape recording about as welcome as dog poo, says Jeremy Paxman

Gary Barlow
06 Dec, 2013

Broadcaster scales back day devoted to X-factor judge Gary Barlow after criticism it might breach guidelines

Amazon logo
25 Nov, 2013

Working conditions could cause 'mental and physical illness', warns stress expert on Panorama

Ulster Defense Association mural, Belfast
21 Nov, 2013

Former members of Military Reaction Force tell BBC they were given go-ahead to shoot unarmed civilians

John Cole
08 Nov, 2013

Belfast-born journalist had his own Spitting Image puppet and a well-hidden 'loathing' for Mrs Thatcher

15 Oct, 2013

Review: Stephen Fry Out There begins with an eye-opening trip to a land of rampant homophobia